The Social Epistemology of the Internet (Autumn 2019) Undergraduate course connecting debates about social epsitemology to technological criticism.

Metaphysics and Epistemology MA seminar (Autumn 2017, Autumn 2018) (co-taught) Masters-level seminar covering core and specialised topics in metaphysics and epistemology.

Knowledge-How and Mathematical Proof (Spring 2016) (co-taught) With another PhD student, I won a departmental competition to design and teach a course based around our doctoral research. We taught a course about the role of knowledge-how in the epistemology of maths.

Medical Ethics ID5101 (Spring 2015) I lectured and took tutorials for a course in medical ethics for students in the English Language school at St Andrews.


AS and A2 level Philosophy (Autumn 2011-Spring 2013) I designed and delivered lessons for the A-level philosophy course at Walworth Academy in London. The course covered Epistemology, Free will and Determinism, Philosophy of Religion, Plato’s Republic, Political Philosophy, and Philosophy of Mind.


Reasoning PY1012 (Spring 2017)

Ethical and Political Controversies PY1011 (Autumn 2016)

Rationality and Action PY2103 (Spring 2015)

Mind and Reality PY1005 (Autumn 2013)