I am a research fellow on the GROUNDS project at the school of Philosophy, Religion, and History of Science at the University of Leeds. Before that, I was a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Bristol. Earlier still, I did my PhD in the joint St Andrews/Stirling programme.

My research sits at the intersection of epistemology (the theory of knowledge), the philosophy of language, and the philosophy of mind. I written about practical knowledge, the normative evaluation of concepts (including the concepts we use for talking and thinking about misinformation), and collective inquiry. My research often operates in an interdisciplinary context, drawing on science and technology studies, media studies, and linguistics.

I’m currently thinking about collective knowledge-how, the social epistemology of social media platforms, the ethics and epistemology of human computation and platform work, what advising is, the role of collective listening in public discourse, whether work is a kind of collective action, and how bad questions can impede collective inquiry.

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