I am a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Bristol.

At the moment I’m working on a project about group inquiry, that tries to build a framework for understanding what’s involved in a group of people answering a question together. I am particularly interested in collective inquiry in science and democracy, and in the ways it might go wrong in both spheres.

Before that, I did my PhD at the St Andrews/Stirling joint programme, where I wrote my thesis about what’s involved in knowing how to do something — like write a poem, draw a circle, or run a marathon.

I edit the philpapers Leaf Category Inquiry.

I go by both of my surnames, hyphenated: ‘Habgood-Coote’. (No ‘p’ or ‘e’ in ‘Habgood’, and a surprise silent ‘e’ in ‘Coote’).

I can be contacted on josh.habgood{dash}coote{weirdcircularAthingymabob}bristol.ac.uk